Thermal-transfer know-how from Germany

Thermal-transfer foils Product Lines

The KURZ Group is a globally active corporation and the only producer of thermal-transfer (TTR & Coding) foils in Germany. We have been producing ink ribbons for thermal-transfer printing since 1991. Our products and services are available worldwide.

  • Wax Ribbons
  • Wax-Resin Ribbons
  • Resin Ribbons
  • Near-Edge Ribbons
  • Special Applications

General Uses

  • Barcodes
  • Labels
  • Clothing Labels

Color your brand®

Thermal-transfer foils in your corporate color. Anyone can do black. Color print catches eyes. Also available in metalized colours.

That’s why KURZ has created color your brand®. We will develop thermal-transfer ink ribbons for you in your exclusive corporate color, even if it involves very special color blends.

Our technology helps enhance your market presence. Labels and barcodes in corporate colors make your products even more unique.


TTR Unique VEROSPEC® is based on a special coating, which can only be verified mechanically with the appropriate reader. It combines two most important aspects – effective product protection and efficient processing in one innovative thermotransfer solution.

  • Your product identification is effectively concealed
  • Your identification is unique and forgery-proof
  • Your security feature is machine readable
  • Your identification is usable in court


Coding foils are used for printing manufacturing traceability data, such as dates and batch numbers directly on products or packaging during the production or filling process.

Foil coding is a simpler and cleaner process compared with inkjet or other marking alternatives. It is also highly resistant to abrasion, chemical exposures which makes it ideal for regulatory and safety marking requirements.

TTR and Code Your Products