Decorative Security & Brand Protection


Product piracy is as lucrative as the illegal drug trade – and just as dangerous: the plagiarism mafia causes $500 billion damage each year. That’s three percent of the world’s trade. But brand manufacturers and dealers don’t just lose out on sales. The counterfeits deprive the brands of trust and thus damage an important business foundation.

TRUSTCODE® Identification

LEONHARD KURZ has developed a fast and simple solution for brand protection and product identification in association with KURZ Digital Solutions: TRUSTCODE®. Select from the latest advanced security features including unique encrypted QR codes and serialization. Additionally, choose from advanced TRUSTSEAL® Protect optical security features.


Brand and product protection

With TRUSTCONCEPT® we give you an intelligent package for more product and brand protection – tailored to the requirements of your company. At KURZ, we combine optical TRUSTSEAL® security features with digital TRUSTCODE® software modules to create a smart solution for your business.

TRUSTCONCEPT® solutions work on your smartphone. With just one multi-scan, all data are collected simultaneously and automatically verified by the software, including the information from the TRUSTSEAL® security hologram, the serial number, and the encrypted QR code on your product.


Modular solutions for revenue protection

As the world leader in security features, KURZ has launched TRUSTCONCEPT® Tax Stamps to offer modular solutions that maximize tax revenue and protect against counterfeit products.

The TRUSTCONCEPT® Tax Stamps can be enhanced with a range of additional and useful features, linked to digital added value, and tailored to your individual needs. Our Tax Stamp award-winning solution adds value for everyone involved in the lifecycle of your tax stamps: from production through the supply chain to the end customer. The tax authority has full control and visibility at all times.

Apply Brand Enhancement to Your Products